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MOVEMENT IGNITES light in every body and every heart

I believe we find the medicine we need through movement. 

Through my own intuitive nature, I support and guide you to trust the inner wisdom of your own body and what lies beneath the surface so you become your own healer.  

I believe magnetism is ignited by shifting stagnant energy in our body and mind through meditation, breath work and yoga to help raise our vibration. 


Bec’s offerings are a combination of practices she has accumulated over 20 years.

In her teachings Bec creates a safe space for you to move your body using different modalities of breath work, yoga and meditation to invite an opening in your body.

Bec’s classes are thoughtfully and intuitively guided for you to truly connect mind and body. These practices are a combination Vinyasa flow, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini and Thyroid Yoga ®. Bec also offers special classes focused on specific breath work and yoga for thyroid and lymphatic health.




I’ve always had an interest in yoga and dabbled in different classes over the years but it wasn’t until I found Bec’s classes that yoga really clicked for me.
For over 10 years I’ve gone to classes all over the world, very randomly, never really finding a flow, practice or teacher that spoke to me.
Bec’s classes and her gentle soul and loving energy seeped into my soul, inspiring me to connect inwards through a practice I now do every day.
Bec’s private classes, group classes, workshops and retreats are truly something special that needs to be experienced to be believed. She has a unique gift of caring for you in a way that makes you feel completely seen, heard and held in the most loving and gentle way.
If you’re looking to deepen your inner connection and strengthen your self-love, I can’t recommend Bec enough, she has truly changed my relationship to yoga and love for myself and others.
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